The union designed by cabin crew, for cabin crew

CCU has been specifically designed with the interest of cabin crew at its heart. It is run by cabin crew, so that you will always get the best outcome. We are here for you and only you, not anyone else, like many other unions.
Here’s what you get for your money

Well educated, passionate reps at each base, to represent our members

A branch rep to help collate your views and opinions and share national information

A welfare and education rep at each base who will be able to give immediate access to help and information, for your everyday requirements

A national network of communication where information and education is shared quickly and efficiently

Legal assistance and employment law information

A dedicated National Committee made up from your own workers, creating and driving your union, with your opinions and views

Strike and hardship support, helping to remove the restraints of money worries, while defending

How much does it cost?


Due to the Covid19 Virus and temporarily being placed on Furlough. We are reducing all our published Membership fees by 50%, till your Furlough period has ended

  • full time permanent crew

  • £12month
  • 75% Part Time Crew

  • £9month
  • 50% Part Time Crew

  • £6month

If you prefer to sign up offline, please fill in the form, scan it and send it by email to the National Membership Secretary

A word about our founder

Simon has served in the Fire Service for nearly 25 years as a frontline and decorated officer.
Having held various offices in the very effective Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Simon demonstrates his commitment to fellow workers and his dedication to the advancement of rights in the workplace. Recognising that many contract changes and pay disputes have caused a decline in morale among the crew of several carriers, he, together with other crew committed workers welfare, rights and advocacy, Simon is launching CCU to provide better Union services for all in our sector.

Most trade unions cover many different Jobs in many other sectors of industry. By having a union dedicated simply to the needs of crew, we can understand, support and better meet the desires and aspirations of our membership. It is Simon’s aim to give members more immediate access to help in their workplace. He will encourage your Union officers and representatives to discuss basic work issues with managers in an informal way in order to achieve a Speedy solution. This will require a strong and dynamic Union which can provide education and support to its members, and the rapid assistance of trained representatives when required for members. Constructive dialogue and cooperation will be encouraged with all other Unions working in this industry.

Simon believes in constructive engagement with the employer, working together to improve conditions of service, pay and allowances and to enhance the benefits the employer offers.

By positive engagement the employer is more likely to respect the wishes of the Union and enter into dialogue with it. A good employer will respect and value its employees and, in turn, morale and productivity will increase and this will be mutually beneficial as the business grows. Sometimes, regrettably, a resolution to a dispute may need tougher action. Simon has experienced strike action and is not afraid to stand up and be counted for Union principles and worker’s rights.

It is time for a new approach with new ideas, time for members to have a real say in how they will be represented. Members need a strong Union dedicated only to their needs in their industry, avoiding party politics and focused only on achieving the best for its members. A Union that will engage constructively with employers and other Trades Union, but will stand up resolutely for member’s needs. A Union created, formed of, and run by the very people who work in the sector the Union represents. A Union that is open and honest and keeps members informed at all times. A Union that is fully democratically accountable.

We have members across various carriers and are bringing about real changes to improve conditions in Maternity Rights, Flexible working arrangements, Equality and Disability Recognition in Members roles, Litigation and Negotiation in Disciplinary events, Pension and Sickness absence resolution, Real time Representative action by trained members, Data Protection interventions and Reportable occurrences, Pay Rises in the regions of 15-18% for members.

These are just a few of our achievements. What’s stopping you from joining RIGHT NOW?

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